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Specializing In Tinnitus Treatment &
Care Beyond Hearing Aids

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Specializing In Tinnitus Treatment &
Care Beyond Hearing Aids

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Auditory Brain Therapy in Sherman Oaks, CA

auditory brain therapy in sherman oaks caComprehensive Hearing Rehabilitation You Can Count On

Auditory brain therapy uses modified sounds and cognitive training exercises to teach your brain what you hear. This type of therapy is used to rehabilitate hearing loss and central auditory processing disorder, as well as to aid in adjustment to cochlear implants and hearing aids. It has also proven effective in the treatment of Autism, ADD, stress, and anxiety disorders. Our team at Hearing Loss Solutions is pleased to offer our patients cutting-edge auditory brain therapy in Sherman Oaks, CA.

Auditory Brain Therapies Available at Hearing Loss Solutions

Noise Desensitization Therapies

The Listening Program – trains the brain to better receive, process, store, and utilize the valuable information provided through the varied soundscapes in our lives such as music, language, and our living environment.

The Listening Program is a personalized, adaptive sound brain fitness program designed to target specific areas of brain performance; executive function, communication, auditory processing, social & emotional, stress management, motor coordination, and creative expression.

Earobics – a computer program that assists in the development of phonemic awareness, auditory discrimination, attention, and decoding skills. Comprised of six fun, interactive games, the program gets progressively harder as the student makes progress. This adaptive training technology means each experience is customized based on student performance.

The Sound Pillow® – is a personal audio device consisting of a hypoallergenic pillow with two virtually undetectable stereo speakers. You use it by simply plugging the pillow’s standard headphone jack into a personal listening device (CD player, MP3 player, iPod, iPhone, sound machine, laptop, etc.) and enjoying a restful night’s sleep without disturbing your roommate or bed partner.

The Sound Pillow® Sleep System – pairs the Sound Pillow with an easy-to-use MP3 player pre-loaded with sleep-inducing binaural music, nature sounds, and white, pink, and blue noise files. The soothing sounds and music were designed to relax the body and “slow down” the brain to help promote sustainable sleep. The Sound Pillow Sleep System is an affordable, natural solution for sleep deprivation caused by tinnitus, past traumatic experiences, anxiety, and the stresses of everyday life.

“Dr. Cohen really opened my eyes…and ears. After fitting me with good hearing aids, she explained that hearing aids are only part of good hearing. Your ears hear the sounds but your brain is what makes them understandable. So she worked with me on a program to train my brain to better understand what my ears were now hearing well. And did that make a big difference. Thanks to her, my hearing is as good as when I was a teenager. She’s a great combination of professional and friendly.”

– Don S.


listening & communication enhancementListening And Communication Enhancement (LACE) is an interactive computerized training program that helps improve your ear-to-brain muscle memory by focusing on the following challenges of listening:

  1. Speech in background noise
  2. Rapid speech
  3. Competing speaker
  4. Missing word
  5. Auditory working memory

Just as physical therapy can help rebuild physical strength and compensate for weakness, LACE can assist in developing listening, communication, and interaction skills. Whether you wear hearing instruments, are just acquiring devices, or simply wish to improve your listening skills, LACE training will help you get the most out of the sounds of life.

computerized training program

CLEAR Ears Train the Brain

This program provides auditory brain training as a complement to your existing hearing technology in the format of web-based activities and games. Become a part of the conversation again by exercising your ability to recognize the speech of everyday talkers and enhancing your ability to hear speech in noisy environments.

By exercising your brain, you will not only rehabilitate your hearing loss but you will also reduce your risk of cognitive decline and dementia. Additionally, you will reduce your stress level and increase your self-esteem. Schedule your consultation to learn more about this state-of-the-art program!

Restore Your Hearing Clarity

Many of today’s hearing aids use narrow directionality to help block out external sounds. This leads to an under-stimulation of the brain and ultimately to less enjoyable and effective social interactions. The cutting-edge hearing aids offered at Hearing Loss Solutions are able to process sound more efficiently. The result is a clear sound that delivers a rich acoustic experience. This full soundscape empowers your brain to choose what it wants to focus on, improving speech clarity while simultaneously reducing the amount of required mental effort.

The Secret to Improved Hearing Begins With Your Brain

You hear with your brain, not with your ears. Hearing, and especially speech understanding, is a cognitive process, not a mechanical one. Your ears receive sounds, but then your brain must process those sounds to give meaning to you.

When your ears receive sounds, your brain performs four tasks simultaneously:

  • Orient according to the position of sounds, using both ears
  • Separate sound sources
  • Focus on what’s important
  • Recognize what each sound is and make sense of it

Whenever there are missing sounds, your brain tries to fill the gap – an often difficult and exhausting process. Good hearing isn’t simply a question of making sounds loud enough. It’s about helping your brain understand the sounds you hear. That’s why our team at Hearing Loss Solutions has moved from an “ear first” to a “brain first” approach to hearing.

How Does the Technology for Our Hearing Aids Work?

NeuroTechnology™ helps your brain transform the sounds of your life into meaning, while preserving the context around you. NeuroTechnology™ is supported by a number of innovative features in a wide variety of hearing aids, too.

With NeuroTechnology™ treatment, you will be able to enjoy 3 key improvements to your hearing clarity:

Speech Guard works to make the world and all its sounds as clear and distinct as possible. The technology provides clinically evidenced improvements to speech understanding in noisy situations and makes it easier to engage actively in conversations. It helps to reduce the effort required to understand speech and makes it easier for you to select and switch between conversation partners.

Spatial Sound supports your brain’s ability to locate where sounds are coming from, so you can respond to conversations and sounds around you.

Our ability to determine precisely where sounds are coming from can be crucial in everyday life. Your spatial hearing helps you take appropriate action when sounds come from different directions and sources, by either moving to safety or turning your head to optimize your hearing conditions. Spatial Sound helps you use the differences in sound at the two ears to create the auditory world around us. This makes it easier to orientate and locate the sounds around you.

Soft Speech Booster enriches and increases the number of details in soft speech while maintaining a high level of sound quality.

Making sense of soft sounds is an important part of making sense of a listening situation – moreover, they provide the details for understanding soft speech. Soft Speech Booster improves soft speech understanding by up to 20% and opens the way for achieving even greater satisfaction. With the Inium Sense processor, you get more gain (hearing aid amplification) on soft speech enriching delicate moments and private conversations without compromising feedback and sound quality.

Learn More About Auditory Brain Therapy in Sherman Oaks, CA, Today!

To learn more about our available auditory brain therapies and restoring your hearing clarity, schedule your Hearing Loss Solutions Consultation by calling our friendly office at 818-989-9001 or by clicking here to use our convenient online form. Your appointment includes a review of your medical history, a discussion of your concerns and goals, and an explanation of our process.

During your new patient appointment, we will make sure all of your questions are thoroughly answered about our office, our treatments, our flexible payment options, and anything else that you would like to know about us. Call today – we can’t wait to help restore sound to your world!

As one of the premier hearing centers in Sherman Oaks, CA, our Audiologist and team at Hearing Loss Solutions also provide 5-star-rated hearing care to patients from Encino, Beverly Hills, Studio City & Calabasas, CA, and surrounding areas.