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Specializing In Tinnitus Treatment &
Care Beyond Hearing Aids

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Specializing In Tinnitus Treatment &
Care Beyond Hearing Aids

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Specializing In Tinnitus Treatment &
Care Beyond Hearing Aids

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Reviews of Hearing Loss Solutions

See What Our Patients Are Saying

With thousands of patients helped since 2001, we have received numerous reviews of Hearing Loss Solutions praising our friendly atmosphere, compassionate Audiologist, state-of-the-art hearing rehabilitation, and multi-speciality private practice. Take a look at what our patients have to say about their experiences at our hearing center.

“ Dr. Cohen is one of the kindest, most understanding and most proactive health professionals I’ve ever worked with. She’s deeply committed to her patients’ health, healing and general well-being, and has worked side-by-side with me to find long-term and current solutions for my tinnitus issues, knowing that providing support and encouragement on the journey is just as important as any medical assistance. She’s truly in touch with her patients’ needs and emotions, and is incredibly thorough with testing, options and ideas. I had been looking fruitlessly for someone to at least show me there was some hope for my tinnitus situation; and in her I’ve found someone who has helped me believe there’s a way to get things not just to a manageable level, but perhaps even to eliminate it entirely. I’ve already seen significant improvement and that alone gives me encouragement. I would recommend her to anyone in my situation. She is truly suited for this field and I’m grateful to have found her.”

– Rachel R.
patient review

“ I have suffered with tinnitus for so long that I can’t remember when I did not have it. It seemed to get worse as time went on, and more annoying, so I started researching possible treatments. I tried various over the counter herbal and vitamin supplements without any improvement. My ENT doctor checked me out but had no explanation or treatment plan. I read an article in the AARP magazine regarding the LEVO treatment plan that was beginning to show promise for tinnitus sufferers. After researching further Dr. Cohen’s name came up as a local audiologist using this system. My first appointment with Dr. Cohen was a pleasant surprise. She was personable, professional and most importantly knowledgeable. I won’t go into my treatment, it’s still early, but my really loud days already seem less. Necessary equipment is expensive but returnable if treatment fails. 5 stars for Dr. Cohen”

– Mike M.
patient review

“I got so much more than I expected when I visited Dr. Shahrzad Cohen. I was pleased that she fitted me with excellent hearing aids. But she also had scientific ways to improve my hearing. After a few sessions I could tell the improvement which, combined with my new hearing aids, brought my hearing back to where it was years ago. I can’t thank her enough.”

– Don S.
patient review

“Dr. Cohen helped my 101 year old Mom and did a great job. She made my Mom laugh and was very professional.”

– Jack L.
patient review

“This was my first hearing test ever and I just loved the office staff and most of all Dr. Cohen. She explained everything to me and also made suggestions. I will tell all my friends about the experience and be thrilled to refer clients. Thank you Jennifer for telling me about your office. You are all wonderful!!”

-Sandy B.
patient review

“Dr. Cohen and her staff are so thoughtful! They have given my Mom so many options on how to improve her life. I am so grateful!”

-Vanessa F.
patient review

“My search for a competent audiologist stops here. Dr. Cohen’s office is laid back and welcoming. Her cheerful and accommodating style makes me feel like her whole day is just for me, even when several patients are there. I’ve been tested numerous times over the years – you know, hit the button when you hear beeps. That’s only the tip of the iceberg for Dr. Cohen. Her comprehensive testing gives her a complete understanding of my hearing impairment. She then takes time to pass that along to me. For the first time in decades, I feel I know more about my tinnitus and associated hearing loss. Instead of just showing me numbers, she has shown me how great it is to encounter a doctor who truly gets it.”

– Wade W.
patient review

“My father sees Dr. Cohen and absolutely adores him! He has seen several Audiologists and they had a difficult time getting his hearing aids to work well. During his first visit with Dr. Cohen, she was able to help him hear much better and even adjusted the hearing aids that he already had. It was a moving moment and my father even teared up, as he was able to hear for the first time in years. It was a moment we will never forget. Dr. Cohen is extremely kind and sincere. Not only is she an outstanding Audiologist, but she truly cares about her patients. We highly recommend her without any reservations!”

– Sophia K.
patient review

“Our daughter Lauren was diagnosed with non syndromic hearing loss at the age of 4. She ultimately had bilateral cochlear implants by Dr. Akira Ishiyama at UCLA. Over the last 10 years we have worked with a variety of audiologists. I have been pleased with the care and attention my daughter has received with the audiologists who have assisted her to date. However, Dr. Cohen’s care, attention to detail, and fund of knowledge in combination with her bedside manner has taken my daughter’s care to a new level. My daughter and our family are eternally grateful to Dr. Cohen for integrating the latest technology in a warm, thorough and supportive manner. Dr. Cohen is the epitome of what we envisioned for our daughter’s care. It has been a blessing and a privilege to work with her. Richard Buyalos, M.D.”

– Richard B.
patient review

“From the moment I walked into Dr. Cohen’s office at Hearing Loss Solutions I felt comfortable and felt I made the right choice. The professional and kind welcome and treatment I received from staff and doctor has been remarkable. I would highly recommend this office to my family, friends, coworkers and anyone looking for excellency in service.”

– Henry R.
patient review

“Loved this office. Dr and staff provided excellent service and took care of my problem. State of the art equipment. I highly recommend Dr. Cohen’s practice for anything regarding your hearing.”

– Joy S.
patient review

“The audio training went faster than anticipated and was successful. The doctor and the staff were very compassionate and professional. A great experience overall.”

– Adam S.
patient review

“Lovely visit……great people….very polite……they listen to you…. on a scale of one to ten they get a 10……had my ears waxed and can hear again!! Highly recommended.”

– Louis L.
patient review

“The doctor was knowledgeable and explained in detail what she was doing and my results. Office is lovely and receptionist was polite and friendly. A very welcoming environment.”

– Vanessa G.
patient review

“Dr. Cohen is amazing! …Truly kind and compassionate.”

– Mathew
patient review

“Very nice to her patient she’s the best”

– Joanna A.
mona y review

“Very nice, knowledgeable & professional doctor. Highly recommend her.”

– Mona Y.
patient review

“I’ve been dealing with hearing and its associated issues for many years due to a work-related injury. I recently received a referral by my primary treating physician, to Dr. Cohen’s office for my problems with hearing loss and tinnitus which used to drive me crazy.

Dr. Cohen is one of the most pleasant and finest young female Doctors that I’ve had the pleasure of being treated by. She is very astute with her audiology background and up to date with the technological equipment. She’s been able to go far beyond the basic evaluation to assure that I’ve received the best and most suitable devices to maximize my hearing outcome. Her higher education in her field allows her to go far beyond others in her field. Her intelligence is not the kind that will make you feel inferior, rather she treats you as an equal. She listens and takes the time needed to explain whatever you may not understand or need reiteration in. This kind woman’s patience and perseverance are virtues that make the outcome positive. I believe that my results without her would have been very different if at all possible.

As far as her office, the staff is well organized, polite, and systemic. They made me feel right at home and went out of their way to accommodate my needs. I like to mention that I would have preferred to write this commentary in Dr. Cohen’s waiting room, however, I did not have enough time due to the short waiting period. I was impressed at the fact that she took me in on time as scheduled. I will recommend her and the office for difficult cases to all.”

– Craig R.
craig r review

“Dr. Cohen is an amazing audiologist! She has helped me when my ENT gave me no hope. She came in on a Sunday to treat me before I was even her patient since she understood the way I was feeling. She is a highly skilled, compassionate, educated and beautiful person. I will be eternally grateful for her kindness, empathy, and dedication.”

– Kathy C.
kathy c review

“Dr. Cohen really opened my eyes…and ears. After fitting me with good hearing aids, she explained that hearing aids are only part of good hearing. Your ears hear the sounds but your brain is what makes them understandable. So she worked with me on a program to train my brain to better understand what my ears were now hearing well. And did that make a big difference. Thanks to her, my hearing is as good as when I was a teenager. She’s a great combination of professional and friendly.”

– Don S.
don s review

“Dr. Cohen. She is so informative and knowledgeable. I appreciate everything she has done for me and I look forward to seeing her again. Shalom”

– Jyll L.
jyll l review

“I have visited Dr. Cohen for almost 2 years. She is a very nice, high education person, and can understand patients’ problems well.

We heard about Dr. Cohen from an advertise on Persian radio. We went to met her to update my hearing aids. While meeting she was suggesting us to take a session with her to improve my speech and hearing. One year later she suggested that I get a cochlear implant. It took long for me to make a final decision to get surgery. After surgery with cochlear, we started more practicing during taking her sessions. It was so hard to get goal to hear like normal people. Since I got cochlear, I can hear much better than before!

She changed my life and I recommend you to visit her if you have hearing problems.”

– Erik B.
eric b review

“I had already researched Dr Cohen’s practice online and since it is nearby where I live, I decided to pop in on the off chance that I could get some help.

I’m from the UK and I’m currently wearing an older Oticon hearing model. I needed some accessories, but I was also concerned that one of the domes had dislodged in my ear! Dr Cohen and her staff, namely Jessica and Flora were immediately concerned and asked if I wouldn’t mind waiting and that they would squeeze me in quickly.

I certainly didn’t mind waiting in the beautiful surroundings! The rooms were gorgeous!

I then met Dr Cohen who checked my ears and alleviated all my concerns! Dr then went to great lengths to source my accessories which were not readily available given that my hearing aid is pretty old! I was absolutely overwhelmed with her kindness!

No words cannot express how grateful I am! Both Dr Cohen and her staff made me feel like I was a princess! I felt that I was the only person in the world and I didn’t feel rushed despite the fact that it was clear that there were people before and after me waiting to be seen!

In a summary, service like this confirms that I made the right decision to immigrate to the USA! I cannot recommend Dr Cohen’s practice enough and this will be my first and last stop for any hearing and also vertigo issues!

Thank you to you all!”

– Jean D.
jean d review

“Dr. Sharzad Cohen provided me with nothing but 5 star service and guidance. I without a doubt will be referring her to anyone and everyone with Audio Processing disabilities.”

– Jonathan H.
jonathan h review

“Dr. Cohen is a strongly believer who believe in providing the best solutions for people with hearing loss to a best solution as possible.”

– Travis Z.
travis z review

“Dr. Cohen is a kind, compassionate and caring audiologist. She’s up to date with the latest in everything, and her offices are superbly equipped. She gives you plenty of face-time with her and makes you feel both welcome and well-served. I travel from Santa Barbara to see Dr. Cohen. In truth, given how wonderful she is, I would travel a lot further. You will be reassured that everything that can be done for your condition, is being done. Heartily recommend.”

– Richard P.
richard p review

“I was amazed at how Dr. Cohen helped me. The hearing aids she fitted me with improved my hearing. But the hearing exercises she led me on improved my hearing more than I ever expected. I ‘ve enjoyed a dramatic improvement.”

– Don S.
don s review

“A great professional audiologist with excellent services in the office! As a musician, I am sure that Dr. Cohen gives everyone great advises after a hearing evaluation.”

– Mehran T.
mehran t review

“This is Samanta Lokes, I am the mother of 3 children on the spectrum of Autism. I recently had the wonderful experience to find Dr. Shahrzad Cohen in a research that I did online trying to find the best specialist in town for a Central Auditory Processing for which I needed an expert consultation to be able to advocate for this service at my children School District, Insurance or Regional Center. I did know that she was one of a few Dr. that specializes in this field in Los Angeles and close areas, but I never thought that I was going to find such an knowledgeable, humble, compassionate and dedicated professional being so young and so approachable. Due to my children needs I had become an expert mother about dealing with many professionals in the Disabilities field from Districts employees, Regional Center employees, Health Insurances prestige doctors like BJ Freeman and researchers at prestige Hospitals like CHLA, White Memorial and Universities like UCLA, Cal State Long Beach, and Cal State LA personal, Colleges, Government officials, Administrative courts judges and personal, Family Law Courts judges and employees, attorneys, Public and Private agencies and non profit organizations, Parents Advocacy and support groups all over LA. My first impression when I got to her offices was that her team of professionals were really attentive and sensitive to our individual, complex and private circumstances.

More than a Doctor, I found a refugee in Dr. Cohen center as she did know exactly what my children cases problem, barrier for treatment and the kind of advocacy that would take to get those services in place. Surprisingly, she did know very well the kind of issues that parents with special needs face and her work is excellent at being pretty sensitive and supportive about our unique circumstances. I found that day a place that I would love to continue to work with in the future, because I did know right away that I was in the right place and I feel very grateful with my gut feeling for getting me there. I will be proud to pass her info to any family with special needs children in need of this kind of evaluations that are pretty rare to get and that help our children learning.

Unfortunately, there is not much awareness about Central Auditory Processing Disorder out there. In my personal experience, I was just recently diagnosed at age 38 in college with it and I know by first hand exactly how interfere with learning. I never got treatment, and I deal with barriers to keep up with my teachers instruction, but I work hard and only take one class at the time so I am able to give my 100%. My older son is a new college student and he had the fortune to receive treatment for Central Auditory Processing Disorder in High School and thanks to to intervention and treatment for his learning disability, his attorneys help and my advocacy he was able to enter College, have a decent placement, he is able to pass his mid terms and be in a general education class with accommodations that Dr. Cohen is able to prescribe for your children IEP’s or DSPS Plan, and most importantly to help them success in their future careers.

Because we as parents of special needs children MUST believe in our children abilities and capability to SUCCESS at the same time that we fight with strong advocacy to offer ACCESS to quality treatments like this via highly educated and experienced in dealing with Autism and other Learning Disabilities that knows very well the spectrum and the kind of profound impact that has in their learning so we can open the paths for their success. I as an expert consumer of special needs services highly recommend Dr. Shahrzad Cohen expert professional services.”

– Samanta L.
samanta l review

“My son was having listening issues at school so we took it upon ourselves to seek help prior to the new school year.

We saw Dr Cohen and after a full analysis, she determined the issue and we started having sessions with her.

My son is doing fabulous in school now!!”

– Beth K.
beth k review

Mid October 2018 I had a cold that developed to an ear infection and severe tinnitus. My ENT treated my ear infection but not my tinnitus. I was then examined by 3 different Ear specialty MDs in a matter of 10 days. I was told that my ear inflammation/infection was gone, but there was nothing that could be done for tinnitus. In January 2019 I found Dr Cohen.

She examined me and she immediately told me that I have a eustachian tube dysfunction, a negative pressure in my ear drum, as I understood it. She gave me a very simple routine to follow daily and asked me to come back in 10 days.

I followed her routine and ten days later, the morning I woke up to go to see her, I could barely hear my tinnitus. I was ecstatic. I got my life back, stopped being depressed and having anxiety, never used my noise masking machine, or soft music earbuds to sleep again. I was done with my tinnitus problem.

To me Dr. Cohen is a very knowledgeable, honest audiologists that took care of my issue fast and effectively.

– Alex P.
beth k review

Loving care
I have been looking to find a doctor who cares about me and my time as much as she cares about herself, and I finally have found it!! Dr. Cohen was on time taking me in

beth k review

Time Matters!
I have been looking for a long time to find a doctor that cares about my time as much as hers and I have finally found it. I walked in and after doing the paperwork, I was seen right on time!!! Surprising to see that the patient after me was seen on time as well!!! This is a breath of fresh air.

beth k review

Great experience! I highly recommend

beth k review

Excellent experience
Professional, friendly office

beth k review

Excellent experience
very positive. informative and patient..extremely caring and professional

beth k review

Thoughtful, compasionate and caring
very good

beth k review

I have regained my confidence in obtaining hearing aids to improve my hearing.

beth k review

Professional, open and innovative
Dr. Cohen dedicated a long time, twice, to ascertain and define my problem, clearly explained the results and the options and was open to my opinions and questions at all times.

beth k review

Greatest Doc ever
She handled my father with Kid gloves

beth k review

Very informative and friendly staff.
Very informative and patient. The whole staff was very warming and attentive to any concerns or questions I had.

beth k review


beth k review

The best I have ever come across, she was extremely pleasant and easy to work with.

beth k review

Very Through In Diagnosis
Dr Cohen from the very 1st Visit made me feel that she really cared about helping my hearing issue I developed and made me feel very comfortable and relaxed during every visit. I feel I am in very excellent care with Dr Cohen and she will resolve my hearing issues with the best solutions that are currently available. I would trust her with any recommendations or procedures she wants me to undergo and would recommend her to everybody with hearing issues. -Marc Alvarea


First Time Patient
I am full deaf and she is very easy person to work and willing to communicate with me via writing since I couldn’t speak or hear. I would highly recommend you to visit her for your auditory visit.


Learning to speak in normal native American-English, and listening better.
i’m glad to help my doctor which i’m younger. I mean i can help that I have strong sense to give some example of my experiences. For example, I noticed that while changing program for Cochlear, the power from PC is stronger than power from battery. – Erik


As one of the premier hearing centers in Sherman Oaks, CA, our Audiologist and team at Hearing Loss Solutions also provide 5-star-rated hearing care to patients from Encino, Beverly Hills, Studio City & Calabasas, CA, and surrounding areas.