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Specializing In Tinnitus Treatment &
Care Beyond Hearing Aids

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Specializing In Tinnitus Treatment &
Care Beyond Hearing Aids

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Effective Hearing Loss Rehabilitation near Beverly Hills, CA

hearing loss rehabilitation in sherman oaks caTake Back Control of Your Life at Hearing Loss Solutions

Hearing Loss Solutions providers strongly believe in brain plasticity and regeneration of neural connections and pathways. It is through hearing, using cognitive skills, and social participation that we exercise the brain to stave off cognitive decline and dementia. Years of research indicates that supplementing the use of hearing aids or cochlear implants with auditory brain therapy, previously known as Aural Therapy, will render the most effective improvement in communication skills and device benefit perception. If you are looking for hearing loss rehabilitation near Beverly Hills, CA, we can help.

Our Method

We use cutting-edge techniques and the latest programs to provide our patients with hearing loss rehabilitation including:

clEAR Auditory Brain Therapy

This program provides auditory brain training as a complement to your existing hearing technology in the format of web-based activities and games. Become a part of the conversation again by exercising your ability to recognize the speech of everyday talkers and enhancing your ability to hear speech in noisy environments.

The Objectives of Auditory Brain Training with clEAR –

  • Exercise your abilities to recognize the speech of your frequent communication partner (FCP) as well as everyday talkers
  • Exercise your brain and those important thinking skills that stave off cognitive decline and dementia
  • Increase your participation in social situations by being an active participant in conversations
  • Reduce your stress levels during routine family conversations
  • Enhance your abilities to recognize speech in noisy situations
  • Practice your listening skills in a non-judgmental environment
  • Complement your existing hearing technology


LACE – Listening and Communication

We don’t really hear with our ears; we hear with our brain. Hearing instruments can help a person detect softer sounds, but they don’t necessarily provide good listening skills.

Even people with normal hearing can be poor listeners. Good listening skills are one of the essential components of effective communication. These abilities can be damaged both by hearing loss and by the natural aging process. LACE is designed to enhance the ability to communicate by training the brain to best utilize these skills.

LACE is an acronym for Listening And Communication Enhancement. Conceived by leading audiologists at the University of California at San Francisco, LACE is an interactive computerized training program that helps improve your ear-to-brain muscle memory.

LACE focuses on the five challenges of listening:

  1. Speech in background noise (like restaurants or parties)
  2. Rapid speech (when people are speaking quickly)
  3. Competing speaker (two people are speaking and the “noise” is other people near them speaking)
  4. Missing word (If you miss a word in a conversation, can you still understand the message?)
  5. Auditory working memory (If you miss a piece of the conversation, how long does it take you to accurately understand what was said?)

LACE has already helped thousands of people who live with some degree of hearing loss increase their listening skills by up to 45%. Just as physical therapy can help rebuild physical strength and compensate for weakness, LACE can assist in developing listening, communication, and interaction skills.

Whether you wear hearing instruments, are just acquiring devices, or simply wish to improve your listening skills, LACE training will help you get the most out of the sounds of life. Because it is a computerized, internet-based program, our Audiologist can track your results and discuss them with you.

Ask our Audiologist about purchasing this program to improve your listening skills today!

“Dr. Cohen is a strongly believer who believe in providing the best solutions for people with hearing loss to a best solution as possible.”

– Travis Z.


Earobics is a researched-based computer program that assists in the development of phonemic awareness, auditory discrimination, attention, and decoding skills. Comprised of six fun, interactive games, the program gets progressively harder as the student makes progress. This adaptive training technology means each experience is customized based on student performance.

Earobics can be done in the office or at home, whichever is more convenient for your schedule. There are two levels to the program, so as the student progresses past level 1 there is a second level to help build on the foundation skills.

Ask us for a demonstration of Earobics so you can see how fun and effective this tool can be for building auditory skills!

Learn More About Hearing Loss Rehabilitation near Beverly Hills, CA

To learn more about hearing loss rehabilitation at Hearing Loss Solutions, schedule your Hearing Loss Solutions Consultation today by calling our friendly office at 818-989-9001 or by clicking here to use our convenient online form. Your appointment includes a review of your medical history, a discussion of your concerns and goals, and an explanation of our process.

During your new patient appointment, we will make sure all of your questions are thoroughly answered about our office, our treatments, our flexible payment options, and anything else that you would like to know about us. Call today – we can’t wait to help restore sound to your world!

As one of the premier hearing centers in Sherman Oaks, CA, our Audiologist and team at Hearing Loss Solutions also provide 5-star-rated hearing care to patients from Encino, Beverly Hills, Studio City & Calabasas, CA, and surrounding areas.