Hearing Related Family Counseling in Sherman Oaks CA
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Specializing In Tinnitus Treatment &
Care Beyond Hearing Aids

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Specializing In Tinnitus Treatment &
Care Beyond Hearing Aids

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Specializing In Tinnitus Treatment &
Care Beyond Hearing Aids

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Hearing-Related Family Counseling in Sherman Oaks, CA

family counseling in sherman oaks caHearing Loss Solutions Is Here for You

At Hearing Loss Solutions, we’re proud to offer high-quality hearing care that includes hearing-related family counseling in Sherman Oaks, CA. We believe that a combination of scientific knowledge and technique, coupled with mental and emotional support, cultivates relationships that inspire growth. Our collaborative multi-specialty approach to hearing care assures a thorough and expedited diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation process for all our patients.

Do You Struggle with These Effects of Hearing Loss?

The most obvious negative effect of hearing loss is the difficulty you have hearing sounds at their typical volume. However, there are numerous other negative impacts that hearing loss can cause, including how you interact with and communicate with your family. If you struggle with any of the following, our experienced and compassionate doctors may be able to help you take back control of your life:

  • Mental fatigue after speaking with someone
  • Feelings of anxiety, stress, embarrassment, or depression
  • Avoidance of social gatherings
  • Reduced interaction with friends or family
  • Decreased job performance
  • Impaired memory or forgetfulness

“My son was having listening issues at school so we took it upon ourselves to seek help prior to the new school year.

We saw Dr Cohen and after a full analysis, she determined the issue and we started having sessions with her.

My son is doing fabulous in school now!!”

– Beth K.

We Take Care of Your Family’s Emotional and Psychological Needs

Our marriage and family therapist, Dr. Sharona Cohen, is highly skilled in providing support for dealing with anxiety and depression as result of a hearing loss diagnosis as well as the toll it can take on family dynamics. You and your loved ones don’t need to suffer from hearing loss or its side effects – contact us today for compassionate care that can help you take back control of your life!

Benefit from Our Hearing-Related Family Counseling in Sherman Oaks, CA

Call us today at 818-989-9001 or click here to schedule your Hearing Loss Solutions Consultation. Your appointment includes a review of your medical history, a discussion of your concerns and goals, and an explanation of our process.

Let us show you the incredible advancements that science has made in combating hearing loss and how our approach to hearing care can improve your life – your journey to improved hearing and communication begins today!

As one of the premier hearing centers in Sherman Oaks, CA, our Audiologist and team at Hearing Loss Solutions also provide 5-star-rated hearing care to patients from Encino, Beverly Hills, Studio City & Calabasas, CA, and surrounding areas.